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Inflation can be reduced, especially in developed countries, by implementing monetary and monetary policy measures:

Financial Policy
First: The Ministry of Finance sets the state’s fiscal policy, whereby revenue sources, uses and surpluses are determined in the budget to reduce the amount of liquidity available, thus reducing the rate of inflation.

Second: the Ministry of Finance to sell the public debt to the public and thus withdraw the cash available in the market and this leads to the reduction of money supply.

Third: Increase taxes on luxury goods traded by a few of the population with high Bitcoin Code incomes.

Fourth: Reduction of government spending: Government expenditure is one of the reasons for the increase in the exchange of cash in the market, so reducing and reducing this spending will reduce the cash circulation in the markets (Bazai, 1997: 188).

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Bitcoin Code System

Monetary policy
Central banks (central banks) in different countries develop and implement monetary policies by adopting a set of quantitative and qualitative tools:

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1. Reduced discount rate: The normal activities of commercial banks: discounting commercial paper for individuals and in other cases re-deduction with the Central Bank in this case the central bank to raise the price of re-discount in order to affect the development capacity of banks in order to reduce the volume of liquidity And is one of the measures to combat inflation.

2. The entry of banks (central banks) to the markets a seller of securities in order to withdraw the penalty of liquidity in circulation in the market. Or so-called entry into the open market.

3. Increase the legal reserve ratio. Commercial banks maintain a portion of deposits with central banks. The higher the percentage, the lower the development capacity of banks.

II. Quality tools:

The qualitative tools are the way in which the managers of commercial banks and their bankers are convinced of the state policy to reduce liquidity in The Bitcoin Code markets. This policy is more effective in the developing country than in other countries.

Third: Interest rates: Interest rates
Interest rates are often associated with borrowed sources of finance, whether they are short, medium or long-term. Capital is allocated in the framework of financial theory through interest rates. These rates vary according to varying borrowing times. Interest on short-term loans is lower. When interest rates on long-term loans are high while interest rates on medium-term loans are between the two rates and interest rates increase as demand for capital increases.

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Bitcoin Code APP Investment opportunities may be available to encourage investors to take advantage of these investment opportunities. The expectations of investors have a clear effect on the increase in capital demand. Their expectations are that the economic situation is improving and that an economic boom will lead to investment opportunities available to investors. Therefore, demand for capital and short-term loans increases, leading to short-term interest rates In excess of interest rates on long-term loans, unlike the rule that interest rates on long-term loans are more than short-term loans.

Interest rates are affected by several factors. The effect of these factors is that the lender (creditor) is required to pay premiums in addition to real interest rates.

Inflation rates affect the cost of industrial production of enterprises in general and therefore the demand for capital to cover these costs increases. As noted earlier, the decline in the purchasing power of cash has increased the need for funding. On the assumption that the estimates of one of the business establishments indicated that the cost of a proposed production line in its annual plan for the coming year amounted to JD10 million. When the production line is returned, it is found that this amount is insufficient to cover the cost of constructing this production line. Million dinars

This increase is due to the increase in the rate of inflation and depreciation of the national currency, which has led to increased demand for capital and increased demand. This leads to an increase in interest rates on borrowed finance if the financial decisions of the business are affected. The exchange rate of the national currency against other currencies, and interest rates are consistent with inflation rates. In Germany, interest rates were lower than those in the United States, due to the fact that inflation in Germany was lower than in the latter.

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The demand for borrowing money is increasing in cases where the country’s national economy is in a state of recovery and prosperity, providing investors with investment opportunities and varying levels of return and risk for any investment opportunity selected. Offering money leads to lower interest rates.

Prices of commodities have been rising in the past suddenly and then stabilizing. But now the price of some commodities is rising every month. We are all concerned with inflation, and we all wonder about it. What is it?

Is the devaluation of the purchasing currency? And why? Or is the result of mismanagement of wealth or the result of capitalist waste? … Or is it due to the expansion of industrial or commercial enterprises or government, banks, What is the relation of inflation to development?

1 Inflation: is the devaluation of cash.

2 There is inflation when the amount of cash that people trade more rapidly than the increase in goods they can buy.

3 There is inflation when people want to consume more than they do.

4 When there is inflation, we have an interest in borrowing for construction or purchase of land in particular.

Inflation is an economic disease.

6 Inflation is the result of capitalism.

7 Inflation is the result of wasteful and mismanagement of public funds by the state.

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From the foregoing, it is possible to address the issue of inflation in various forms. For some, it is only a monetary phenomenon. For others it reflects the contradictions of contemporary capitalism. Some see it as an economic disease, while others see it as a sign of social disintegration: Everyone wants to consume more and work less. You may be one of those who believe that inflation is not the only thing that is wrong.

This difference of opinion is also found in specialists. The specialist and others are lost in the myriad of theories and arguments that are not always without purpose.

In the first attempt at research, it appears that all economists agree on at least one point: inflation leads to higher prices.

This may seem obvious. However, many people have their views and did not mention, in fact rising prices as a first and obvious phenomenon of inflation. It is true that any rise in prices is not necessarily inflationary. When an economist is asked, at any moment the price rises are inflationary, he tends to answer from a certain level, which puts the novice in the economy at a great loss.

It is also true that it is not easy to determine when price rises become inflationary. Finance ministers have said that the rate of price rises that they believe will stop inflation seems to be similar to the well-known defense force of the warlords.

However, it is possible to set some simple criteria to determine the moment when price rises become inflationary. First of all, there is inflation when national prices rise faster than world prices. In fact, they are curbing exports, easing imports and eventually fearing that the country will find its reserves depleted and forced to bankrupt or devalue.

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There is inflation when the price rises and it seems that it will continue indefinitely, so that the high prices of games in the holidays can not be considered inflation. Finally, there is inflation when the rise in prices has unusual economic and social aspects. There is no interest in investing in productive projects. Inflation is already rising in price, but the notion of rising inflationary prices is relative. This explains why a large number of governments are moving too late and find it very difficult to find the moment when price rises become inflationary Oh.

The above shows inflation in the form of a certain rise in prices. Not only is monetary inflation rising, as it seems at first glance, it is at the heart of the current global economic crisis, it is the cause of unemployment, the housing crisis, rising transport costs, falling domestic currency prices, slowing growth, Inflation is due to three reasons: the first is structural, the second is sociological and the third is speculative. It is the bourgeois system, and therefore does not appear sharply and impressively in the socialist society.

Inflation results

Inflation sometimes results in serious economic, social and political dimensions. One of the economic consequences that can affect the development of the national economy and distort its structure is sometimes reflected in the decline in the rate of real growth of the economy despite the nominal increase in the value of investment. The increase in the cost of investment as a result of rising prices may lead investors to refrain from large investments and to move towards marginal investments with low cost and high profitability such as speculative and other unproductive work, and the consequent stumbling blocks in the process of development and progress of society and deepening economic, social and cultural backwardness. .

One of the economic consequences of inflation is the devaluation of the national currency so that cash loses its function as a measure of value, a preserve of wealth and a catalyst for saving, which adversely affects the investment process and thus expands the process of social production. Moreover, the devaluation of the national currency against foreign currencies is distorting economic and monetary relations with the outside world, leaving its poor mark on the balance of payments, increasing dependence on external debt, deepening dependence on the global market and falling under the control of foreign monopolies.

In many cases, social outcomes are more serious than the economic consequences of inflation and the consequent risks to political stability. Of the social consequences are the imbalances in the social structure resulting from the redistribution of the national income to the benefit of the rich in society by the mechanism of inflation, in addition to the low level of consumption among the low income groups who make up the majority of the population and the accompanying decrease in demand for consumer goods The economic recession threatens economic, social and political stability.